Overview of WorkSpan's Mobile App


WorkSpan’s New Mobile App available on your mobile devices both for Android and iOS is your one-stop-shop for all activities and other to-do's

You can easily view all your:

Currently it is available via invite only. Please Contact Us if you want WorkCenter on WorkSpan on your mobile devices.

The Mobile Work Center helps boost productivity allowing you and your partners to review requests, tasks and messages on the go.

The live notifications feed will keep you in the loop when your colleagues and partners make any updates. You no longer need to navigate to a marketing plan to approve an incoming request for funds.  All actions waiting to be completed are consolidated, and can be acted on, in the Mobile WorkCenter.

Some other tasks that you can seamlessly do in WorkSpan's Mobile App are:

  • Approve claim requests from various programs from one central location.
  • Review all your tasks and mark them as done with a swipe of your finger.
  • Get notified when a partner makes an update to an opportunity- so that you are always in the loop.
  • Send comments or direct messages to partners and colleagues while you’re on the road.

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