Requesting Revenue Splits


Partner managers in your company can request % splits for their opportunities in WorkSpan, and a weighted amount based on this split % is calculated for a partner's opportunity. An approval process is included to ensure that the split requests from all partner managers are considered, with notifications to partner managers at appropriate times in the review cycle.

If the CRM opportunity that you are linking to is already linked to one or more opportunities in WorkSpan, the split % is allocated equally across all opportunities by default.

For example, if three opportunities are linked to a CRM opportunity, then each will have a split allocation of 33.33%. Partner Managers can request a different Revenue Split % for their opportunities.

Note: The Splits tab will appear on your opportunity when the Partner Splits feature is enabled for your company and your opportunity is participating in revenue splits.


  1. Navigate to the opportunity for which you want to request a split.
  2. Go to the Splits tab in the opportunity. Revenue Split window opens.
  3. Click the pencil icon. Your Share in Revenue Splits is shown.
  4. You can request a new split by entering a new split %. 
  5. Click Confirm.
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