Approving Revenue Splits


As a Split Approver/Split Admin, you can approve or reject a revenue split.

  • If the Split Status is Admin Review Requested, then, only the Split Admin can edit the Splits and NOT the split approver or other partner managers. (All Company Admins are Splits Admins)
  • Split Admin can then set the status to Admin Review Completed (cannot assign the status back to In Review or Completed)
  • Requested Split cannot be updated after the status changes to Admin Review Completed


  1. Navigate to the opportunity for which you want to approve or reject a revenue split.
  2. Go to the Splits tab in the opportunity. Revenue Split window opens.
  3. Click the pencil icon. Edit Splits screen opens.
  4. In the Requested Split column, make updates to Requested Splits rows as necessary.
  5. Change status to Completed (By Split Approvers) or Admin Review Completed (By Split Admins).
  6. Click Save.
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