Overview of your Individual Partner Program


Partner Programs increase visibility into the value you have created and the value each of your partnerships bring to the table. The Partner Programs application was designed so you don’t have to manually chase down metrics and updates on your initiatives and partnerships.

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Overview of your Individual Partner Program

1. Navigate to an Individual Partner Program to update any section of that program, view the description, metrics, details, members, and/or objectives of that program. For information about navigation, click here.

2. Here, you’ll see your Partner Programs organized in section tabs; Overview, Assets, Tasks, Solutions, Plans, and Opportunities. Your Partner Program enablement materials can be featured at the top of the program. 

To learn more information about the Assets and Tasks tabs, click here. 

To learn more information about the Solutions, Plans, and Opportunities tabs, click here.


Add Enablement Content to your Partner Program Overview Page

At the top of your Partner Program, you will be able to quickly glance at the highlighted Program enablement material to onboard participants to your program mission.

1. To add enablement material, navigate to the Content Library Application.

2. Upload your desired assets. To learn more about the Content Library Application, click here. 

3. Once you have uploaded your asset, navigate back to your Individual Partner Program. To learn how to navigate to your Partner Program, click here. 

4. Within your Individual Partner Program click the "Add Item" button and elect, "Add Content Item".

5. In the Add Content Item tab, select the content item you want to attach to your Partner Progam and once added, be sure to click "Add".

6. Once done, click "Save".

7. Next, hover over the Individual Partner Program summary panel to reveal the "Edit" icon and click the "Edit" icon to open the Edit Partner Program tab.

8. Here, click the "Partner Program Overview" field and select your asset from the dropdown. Once done, click "Next".

9. Next, add any of your Individual Partner Program materials by clicking the "Select from Content Library" field. Arrange your Partner Program materials by simply dragging and dropping.

10. Once done, click "Save". Congrats, you Partner Program enablement material will now be displayed in the Individual Partner Program summary panel!


How to Add New Metrics

1. Hover over the Partner Program Metrics panels on the Individual Partner Program Strategy section to reveal the "+Metrics" icon.

2. Once revealed, click the "+Metrics" icon.

3. In the Add Metric tab, enter your Metric Name, Goal, and select the Metric Type. If you select Currency, then, choose a currency from the drop-down list.

4. Select Access Control. Your choices are Shared or Private.

  1. Shared implies that the metric will be viewable by all users that have access to the partner program for which the metric is being created.
  2. Private means that only users in your company with access to the partner program can view the metric. 

Note: An Orange Lock icon  will appear within an individual Metric Card indicating that it is a private metric. 

5. In the last section of the Add Metric tab you can (Option 1) manually enter results for your metric or (Option 2) enable Calculated Results. Calculated results are calculated and automatically updated from your linked opportunities, sales plans, and/or solutions. If you enable Calculated Results, select a Table View in the Select Table View field to filter across opportunities by different criteria. To learn how to create and save a table view within your Opportunities, click here. 

6. Once done, click "Save".

Note: A Green Lightning icon  will appear within an individual Metric Card indicating that this is an automatically calculated metric.

To learn more about WorkSpan metrics, click here.


Edit Metrics, Key Dates, and Team Members

1. Hover over the Partner Program Overview, Metrics, Team Members, Key Dates, and Custom Fields panels on the Individual Partner Program Strategy section to reveal the "Edit" icon.

2. Once revealed, click the "Edit" icon.

3. In the edit window, you can make any edits or additions you need. Once done, click "Save".

To learn more about Metrics, click here (Partner Programs Article Coming Soon!). 

To learn more about Team Members, click here (Partner Programs Article Coming Soon!). 


Add Comments and View Activity Log

1. Scroll down to the Comments and Activity Log panel on the Individual Partner Program Strategy.

2. By default, the Comments tab in the Comments and Activity Log panel will be displayed. The Comments tab includes all comments within your Individual Partner Program. Each comment will include the Member associated with the comment, the comment, date, and time.

Note: To quickly engage with team members in the Activity Log, you can click on their profile icon to send a direct message.

3. To add a new comment, click the “Add Comments” button at the top right of the Comments and Activity Log panel. This will open your Individual Partner Program comment tab where you can view all comments associated with the Individual Partner Program.

4. Enter your comment at the bottom of your Individual Partner Program comment section. Press “Enter” on your computer to send your comment.

Note: Guess what! At any point, you can also view your Individual Partner Program comment section within the WorkSpan WorkCenter. For information about the WorkSpan WorkCenter, click here.

5. To view the Activity Log, click the “Activity Log” tab at the top of the Comments and Activity Log panel.

6. The Activity Log includes system generated activities such as direct updates to the Individual Partner Programs, including updates to associated opportunities, memberships, and tasks/assets. By default, all information will be displayed. To filter the Activity Log, click any of the corresponding filter buttons including “Pipeline”, “Tasks”, “Membership” and “Assets”.


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