Adding Solution Recommendations for Opportunities in Partner Programs


You can easily configure Solution Recommendations for your opportunities in your partner programs. For each opportunity, you and your partners can see recommended solutions matched on varied opportunity attributes like a region, an industry and/or a customer segment.

Solution owners can also manually tag their partner's solutions that are a good match as complementary solutions.

Via Solution Recommendations, you and your partners can find complementary or matching solutions that help make your overall deal value proposition more compelling for your end users. You can request access to and include these matching solutions in your opportunity.

For example, If a company has a software solution for the retail industry and another company offers a services solution also targeted at the retail industry, then, Solution Recommendations suggest these solutions to be sold together.


  1. In your partner program, navigate to the opportunity for which you want to view recommended solutions.expandyouropportunity.gif
  2. Click Expand Your Opportunity. You are shown recommendations by matching attributes on the opportunities and the solutions. Complementary Solutions and Complementary Solution Types are determined from the solutions already associated with the opportunity.
  3. You can select one or more of the recommended solutions and view more details for the solution.
  4. As solutions are updated, the list of recommendations are refreshed based on new matches found.
  5. You can then add one or more of the recommended solutions to your opportunity.
    1. You can directly add recommended solution(s) if you are a member of the solution.
    2. If not a member, you can request to join the solution and also send invites to the recommended solution owners to join your opportunity. After your request to join is accepted, you can add the recommended solution to your opportunity.
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