Adding Sales Plan Details


After entering the basic information for your sales plan, you can add more details to your plan such as primary intent for your plan, engagement brief that you want to share with your team members, partner names, routes to market and other information.


  1. Open the sales plan for which you want to add plan details.


  2. Click +Plan Details. Add Plan Details screen opens.
  3. Select a Primary Intent for your plan amongst Grow Reach, Influence Pipeline, Impact Revenue, Drive Adoption.
  4. Enter an Engagement Brief for your plan to enter/attach additional details that you want to share with your team.
  5. In the History section, you can enter or attach any pertinent historical information about your plan that will help align team members.
  6. In the Partners section, select names of one or more partners for whom this plan is relevant.
  7. In Routes to Market, enter any information about how you want to take your plan to market.
  8. In Classification section, select an appropriate classification or category for your plan amongst Branding, Contest, Demand Generation, etc.
  9. In the Theme section, select an appropriate Theme that applies to your plan, e.g, Data Discovery; Data Visualization, Demand Network etc.
  10. In Activity Type, select one or more activities that will be relevant for your plan, such as Proof of Concept, Customer Meetings, etc.
  11. In the Product section, you can select one or more products with which you want to associate your plan.
  12. In the Services section, you can select relevant services like implementation etc. that you want to associate with your plan.
  13. Click Save.
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