Creating an Export Configuration


Export configurations in WorkSpan are created in context of a partner program. You have to be an owner of the partner program and select the Partner Program from where you want to export your data.


Templates for objects being exported should be created and published.


  1. Go to Home >Setup >Import & Export.
  2. Configurations Listing page opens.
  3. Click +Create Config button and then select Create Export Config. Export Details screen opens.
  4. Enter a unique Export Configuration Name. 
  5. Select the Partner Program from where you want to export your data. Exports from WorkSpan are in context of partner programs- i.e objects anchored under a partner program can be selected for export. Depending on your access rights on the program, you will have access to one or more objects on the program.
  6. Select an object for your export configuration.
  7. Select an object Template.
  8. You can select multiple linkage exports for an object. Select Links to Export for:
    1. Solutions
    2. Opportunities
    3. Sales Plans
    4. Partner Programs
    5. Partner Profiles
  9. Specify the owners and specify the users.
    1. Members added as owners have access to use a configuration (submit an export config job) and edit a configuration
    2. Members added as users can only use the configuration (submit an export config job).
  10. Click Next.
  11. Select the fields that you want to add to the export configuration. All fields are selected by default. De select the fields that you do not want to add to your export configuration. You can also search all fields by keywords. The fields (for example, Sales Motion) are exported as columns in the csv file. You can overwrite the field name with an alias. Section names are provided as a reference (for example, Opportunity Detail for clarification if the field names are the same). Certain fields (for example, Members are at project level and do not belong to any sections and therefore do not have section names.
  12. You can also define aliases for field names. Your aliases will appear as your column names.
  13. Click Save. Message of successful save of data export is shown. You can close and submit your job later or click Submit Job Now button.
  14. If you click Submit Job Now, Submit an Export Job screen opens.
  15. You can Filter Objects by Created date.
  16. You can navigate to the Job History page to view the status of your export. You can also view the Config names, Job Types, Success Records, etc. for each configuration.
  17. Click a Config name to open the Summary view. You can download from this view too.
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