Sharing an Activity


You can easily share an activity with your colleagues, regional or market unit leads at your company or at your partner's company for easy and timely collaboration, openness and for building trust. 

Partner Mode is the default sharing mode on an activity. On this mode, any existing member can share the activity. Only members from companies included in the activity can Find and Request to Join the activity.

Owner mode allows only owners to share the activity. See More on Sharing Modes

You can share one, multiple or all activities by utilizing the Share Selected or Share All feature.

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Sharing a Single Activity


  1. Go to the activity that you want to share and open the activity.
  2. Click Share Activity. Share Activity Window opens.
  3. In Share with people section, Enter/select names of people with whom you want to share.
  4. Companies of people that you share your activity with are automatically added. Enter other Company names if you want to share your activity with everyone in a company.
  5. Click Done.
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