Linking Solutions, Sales Plans and Opportunities to Your Partner Program


As a partner program owner you can easily search and link solutions, sales plans and opportunities that are discoverable to your partner program from within the program.

You can search for any of these objects either via basic search or advanced search.


  1. Navigate to the partner program to which you want to link a solution, a sales plan and/or an opportunity.
  2. Go to the Sales Plans, Solutions or Opportunities section to select an existing object. Existing linked object counts are shown.
  3. To link an object, in the appropriate section, click Link Existing. Add <object name> Window opens. You can search for an object either via Basic Search or Advanced Search.
  4. Basic search opens by default. You can search for an object or click Adv Search to go to advanced search.
  5. In Advanced Search, you can select one or more filters or enter keywords to search for the object that you want to add. If you are a member on an object, you can select the object and add it. If you are not a member, then, you can send a request to join that object.
  6. You can only link objects that you have send requests to join, after your request to join is approved.
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