Overview of Assessments


Assessments in WorkSpan allow for rapid qualification of accounts prior to registering a joint opportunity. Assessments are highly targeted questionnaires that enable your team members and your partners to validate if a customer account will be a good fit for your solution offerings.  

The sales motions across your teams and the partner teams are now focused on opportunities that have a greater chance of success, accelerating your deal velocity and leading to higher win rates.

Assessments consist of the following components:

  • Questions
  • Responses
  • Scores

You can build assessment questionnaires to enable your partners at scale and drive fast and effective account qualification. Assessment questionnaires are customizable and can be tailored by solutions, regions, and other criteria pertinent to you and your company. 

Assessments are an add-on module, so reach out to your Success Manager or email support@workspan.com to learn more!


Quick Links:

  1. Navigate to Assessments in your Sales Plan
  2. Create an Assessment for your a Sales Plan


Navigate to Assessments in your Sales Plan

1. To view and add assessments on your Sales Plan, navigate to the Individual Sales PlanFor more information about navigation, click here.

2. Once within the Individual Sales Plan Overview page, click the "Assessments" tab on the left.

3. Here, you will be able to view all the Assessments linked to the Individual Sales Plan. You assessments will be displayed in a table view. To learn more about Assessments table views, click here.


Create an Assessment for your Sales Plan

1. Navigate to the Individual Sales Plan Assessments page. To learn more about navigation, click here.

2. There are two ways to create an Assessment.

  • Option One: Click the “Take Assessments” icon at the top of the Individual Sales Plan Assessments page. 
  • Option Two: Hover over the "Assessments" tab on the left of the Individual Sales Plan. This will reveal the "+" button, click the button. From the dropdown, select "Add New"Note: Click "Link Existing" to link an existing Assessment.

3. This will open the Create an Assessment tab. This tab includes three key sections; Assessment Details, Opportunity Progress, and Opportunity Share.

4. In the Assessment Details section, fill out the assessment name and account name. Here, you will be able to verify which Sales Plan the Assessment will be linked to. Once done, click “Next”.

5. This will bring you to the Opportunity Progress section. In this section, you’re required to fill out all of the opportunity progress questionnaires depending on the Individual Sales Plan requirements. Once done, click “Next”.

6. This will bring you to the Assessment Share section. Here, add the people or companies that you would like to share the assessment with. Under the settings section, set the sharing mode and discovery settings. Once done, click “Create Assessment”. And you’ve successfully created an assessment!

7. Once created, click “Go to Assessment”. This will bring you to the Individual Assessment Overview page. To learn more information, ask our WorkSpan Knowledge Base.


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