Field Level Security in WorkSpan with Custom & Company Fields


In WorkSpan, you can also control field level access within objects, i.e, determine which fields within objects should be accessible to which users within or outside your company.  

Note: Field Level Security allows you and your partners to integrate and keep company confidential data attached to the same record, without having to maintain another data source for your company's private data. You can now easily access your internal data and any partner supplied data on a single object record, that improves productivity and accelerates business decisions.


WorkSpan provides you flexibility to extend your objects and add more fields to support your joint business processes.

You can add Custom fields that can be shared with your partner and are visible to all members on an object, or, you can define Company fields that are private and only visible to users within your company that are members on an object.

Company fields are hidden when users from other companies access the object. Also, Company fields do not appear in searches or reports for users that are not in your company.

Note: Company fields feature is currently available only for Marketing Plans, Activities, Sales Plans, Solutions and Opportunities.

Custom Fields

  • Custom fields added to an object are shared and accessible by all members of the object.
  • Users from any member company can search and report on the shared fields.

Company Fields

  • Only users within a company that are members on an object can view company fields. These sections are hidden from users from other companies.
  • Company private fields appear with a lock on the UI.
  • Searches and reports do not display these fields to users of other companies.
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