Create an Opportunity from your Assessments


Once you have identified a potential Opportunity based on an Assessment, you can immediately create an Opportunity directly from the Individual Sales Plan Assessments page. With Opportunities, you can track your progress towards revenue goals on a granular level with Opportunities. Opportunities link to Sales Plans and allow you to automatically calculate your revenue metrics in those Sales Plans. This gives you real-time reporting and makes you QBR-ready at a moment's notice. 

Assessments is an add-on module, so reach out to your Success Manager or email to learn more!


Create an Opportunity from your Assessments

1. Navigate to the Individual Sales Plan Assessments page. To learn more about navigation, click here.

2. Review all of your Assessments to understand which Opportunity is best to pursue. To learn how to customize your Assessments table view, click here.

3. Once you are ready to create an opportunity, click the “Create Opportunity” button.

4. This will reveal the Create an Opportunity tab. Here, you will fill out seven key sections, including Define Opportunity, Opportunity Details, Opportunity Progress, Customer Buying Process, Company Details, Link To, and Share Opportunity. 

Note: The Opportunity Template may vary based on your individual company needs. Feel free to contact your Network Success Manager to discuss your companies customization needs.

5. In the Define an Opportunity section, enter the opportunity name, partner engagement status, account name, and more. Once done, click “Next”. 

6. This will bring you to the More Details section where you can enter the industry, region, and product. Once done, click “Next”.

Note: All required fields are indicated with an asterisk.

7. This will bring you to the Opportunity Progress section. In this section, you will be prompted to fill out an Opportunity Progress checklist. The checklist will help determine where you are in the selling process. After completing the list, your company and/or your partner company will be able to compare your progress against the customer's buying schedule. Once done, click “Next”.

8. This will bring you to the Customer Buying Process section. This section outlines key milestones in your customer's buying journey. Please estimate as best you can when you think each will be attained. Once done, click “Next”.

9. This will bring you to the Company Details section where you will fill out all of the required fields, including Region, Market Unit, Product, and more. Once done, click “Next”.

10. In the Link to Plans/Solutions section, select the plans or solutions which you want to associate with the opportunity. Once done, click “Next”.

Note: If at any point you would like to make changes and go back to a previous section, simply click the “Back” button.

11. In the Share Opportunity section, enter the names or emails of people in your network under the Share with People field. By default, members will be added as Participants. To learn more about Access Levels, click here. Under the Share with Companies field, you can also enter the names of companies in your network with whom you want to share.

13. In the Settings fields under the Share Opportunity section, choose a sharing mode based on who you want should share the sales plan. Here’s more information about Sharing Modes, here. You can check the Allow employees of your company or active partners to join without invitation as Participant box” if you would like to follow this action.

16. Once done, click “Create Opportunity” to create your opportunity. Success! 


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