Advanced Assessment Management Tips


Assessments are highly targeted questionnaires that enable your team members and your partners to validate if a customer account will be a good fit for your solution offerings. WorkSpan Assessments have various elements to help make your Sales Team successful! Click here to learn even more about Sales Plan Assessments.

Assessments is an add-on module, so reach out to your Success Manager or email to learn more!

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Add Comments and View the Activity Log in an Individual Assessment

With WorkSpan, you have one central place to collaborate with your team on an assessment. Make comments and track activity logs in your Assessment, so the details don't get lost in your email inbox. To learn how to add comments to your Assessment and view your Assessment activity log, click here.


Clone an Assessment

In WorkSpan, you can seamlessly copy an existing assessment to ease the process of creating new assessments by saving time and energy. To learn how to clone and copy an Assessment within your Sales Plan, click here.


Share an Assessment

As an owner, you can easily share your assessment with your partners and colleagues for easy and timely collaboration, openness, and for building trust. Learn how to share your assessments with your team;


Join an Existing Assessment

If an assessment is discoverable, then, you can request to join the assessment if it has been shared with your company. Click here to learn how to join an existing Assessment.


Archive and Delete an Assessment

Like all WorkSpan objects, you have to first archive the Assessment to delete it. Once your Assessment has been archived, you are then able to delete the object. Note: Only owners can archive and/or delete assessments. To learn how to archive and delete an assessment, click here.


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