Viewing/Updating Partner Profiles


All accepted members of a partner program can browse and view profiles of all partners in the program.

Note: Owners can update the profile details by clicking the pencil icon in any section.

You can:

  • Contact a Partner via the Partner Manager => send a direct message to the partner manager for this company
  • Explore Solutions => see discoverable solutions from this company, explore these solutions and request to join one or more solutions of a partner


  1. Navigate to the partner program for which you want to view the partner profiles.
  2. Go to the Partner Profiles tab.Partnerprofilesonpartnerprograms.gif
  3. Partner Profiles page opens listing the profiles that you can access.
  4. You can click the profile id or a profile name to see a partner's profile details.partnerprofiledetails.gif
  5. You can view the following details to know more about a partner:
    1. Partner's program profile
    2. Team members
    3. Target customers
    4. Current partners
    5. Partners that the company is keen to work with
    6. Program certifications and expertise, etc. 
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