Finding Partner Profiles


You can Find Partners with whom you want to collaborate with on your partner programs.

Users in the program can access the Find Partner Profiles screen to search for a partner by keywords or filter by specific attributes on the partner profile and view the partner profile details.

You can send a message to a Partner Manager of the partner program expressing your interest in joining the program.


  1. Go to the Partner Program to which you want to add one or more partners.
  2. Click Find Partners.  Find Partner Profiles screen opens.
  3. Enter a keyword to search or apply one or more filters to refine your search for a partner profile.
  4. Search results are displayed. Click on the partner profile to view details such as a Company Program Profile, Target Customers, Partners I am interested to work with, Program Certifications, Expertise etc.
  5. If you want to collaborate with this partner, you can send a message to a partner manager expressing your interest.
  6. If this partner has solutions and the solutions are discoverable, you can go to the Solutions section for this partner's profile and send a request to join a solution that you might be keen to join.
  7. If you have access to this profile, you can also share the partner profile with others in your network.
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