Creating an Activity Report


You can generate and view the performance of one or more of your marketing plans by running an Activity Report in WorkSpan. 

You can group and chart on various fields in your marketing plans such as by region, by stage, or by activity types.


You can only run an Activity Report on marketing plans on which you are an owner/collaborator.

Participants on a marketing plan cannot create the report.


  1. Go to Home >Reports and click +Report. Click Create Activity Report.
  2. Create Activity Report screen opens.
  3. Enter Name and Description. Click Next.
  4. Select one or more Marketing Plans for which you want to run the report. Click Next.
  5. In Share With People, enter names of people in your network with whom you want to share your report. You can assign access levels to people you want to share with.
  6. In Share With All People in These Companies, select one or more companies in your network.
  7. Click Save. Message for report creation in progress in displayed. You can create one or more charts for your report too. See Creating a Chart.
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