Using Workflows, you can prescribe and automate business processes for your partner programs ensuring that all parties are aligned and accountable to complete their actions on time, data is accurate, and ultimately ensuring successful joint outcomes such as accelerating time to market for new solutions, increased velocity for deal closing. 

Workflows can be configured by users with Company Admin roles directly in the product and associated to the object templates for their programs.

Workflows configuration includes a set of stages that show the progress on that object. These stages can be manually updated or stage moves can be automated based on completion of specific tasks in each stage.

You can associate rules and actions for each stage including who can move the stages, create tasks by stage, set tasks or fields to be required for moving into a stage, invite more users at a specific stage, or reset the field privacy e.g. opportunity amount is private in the initial stages and is set to shared as the deal progresses or when the deal is closed.

Stage moves can be permitted or restricted based on a user’s role. Partners participating on an opportunity, for example, can be prevented from changing the stage of a joint sales opportunity once it is in the submitted for review stage. Or, an action, such as rolling a sales stage back, can be taken only by a program administrator.

In addition to finer-tuned controls, you can enforce stricter data quality controls on any of the workflows. For instance, in your opportunity workflow you can specify information that must be provided before moving the deal to the next stage for each stage e.g. partner must specify deal size and upload a business case before an opportunity can be moved to Engaged stage.

NOTE: This Workflow configuration is supported for the following WorkSpan objects: Solutions, Sales Plans, Opportunities, Marketing Plans, Activities, Leads and Partner Programs

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