View all Metrics and Hide a Metric


To make Metrics easier to view and customize, WorkSpan has two features, View all Metrics and Hide a Metric, which will allow users to stay on the same page and focus on the important metrics for any object.

1. View all metrics on a single page

The “View All” feature allows the user to be on the same page and focus on the metrics. When a user hovers over the metrics tab and clicks on the "View All" button a metric window opens, where all the metrics on an object are shown on a single page.

2. Hide Metrics

To make sure the focus is only on the important metrics, Users can hide metrics so that the metrics are not shown on the Summary/Overview page or on the View All screen.

 To unhide a metric, the user should navigate to the “Customize Metrics” panel on the top left corner of the Metrics ribbon. Once the user clicks on Customize Metrics, a list of metrics will be displayed and from there the user can unhide the metric.


Hidden metrics can still be used to build formula-based metrics. For more information see Setting up Metrics.

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