WorkSpan Mobile App: Opportunities and Fund Requests


In WorkSpan, you can create, collaborate, and track opportunities for your joint sales plans and solutions.

The WorkSpan Mobile App will help you to view all of your opportunities by stage and access level. You can also add a comment at the opportunity level and keep in touch with your partners and change the status (stage) of the opportunity, which is accessible from the left navigation bar.


  • To share your opportunities with partners for easy and timely collaboration you can edit access levels for your team members and select a sharing mode between Owner Mode (default) and the Partner Mode.


  • Users can also share with companies and make an opportunity discoverable to all employees of the companies you shared with. 


  • Once the companies are selected, it shows up on top of the recommended Companies with an "x" sign. A user can delete the added company by clicking on the "x" mark.

  • Sales Managers and the Partner Managers can include a personalized message and set the message as default while sharing an opportunity.


  • There is also a filter option where the users can filter requests by type (e.g. Funding, Claims) and workflow stage.


  • To have a better understanding of the tasks that are to be completed or to identify what’s pending for a user to do. WorkSpan mobile app has an option where they can filter tasks by ‘Assigned to me’ (default), ‘Assigned by me’, ‘Watching’, and ‘All’. 


Use Cases

  • Share an opportunity with a partner while networking at an event.   
  • Filter out claim requests to just review the new fund requests that need your attention. 
  • Filter by tasks that were assigned by me to see how much work was completed by partners.

For More Information See: Access Levels On Objects in WorkSpan

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