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 Auto-Linking or Auto Association helps in linking multiple sources to multiple or single destinations in an automatic fashion with minimal user involvement. When an Auto-linking policy is created and activated, the policy is triggered at the creation point of the source object configured in the policy.

Source Objects or objects that the auto-link policy can be applied on can be one of your Sales Plans, Solutions, Marketing Plans, Accounts, Activities, Assessments, and Opportunities.

 Objects or objects that the source object will be linked to can be one of your Partner Programs, Sales Plans, Solutions, Marketing Plans, Activities or Accounts.

Note : 

  • When an object is created in WorkSpan, the object can be linked using an auto-linking policy to one or more destination objects. For instance, when an opportunity is created, a policy can be set up to link the opportunity to multiple plans at the time of creation.

    Auto-linking will apply for the following creation flows :

    • The User creates the object using a template.
    • The User loads the objects from a spreadsheet using a Data Importer Configuration. 
    • The User adds one or more Opportunities from the CRM Staging Table.

Steps to set up an auto-link policy:

1. Navigate to Home -> Companies -> Policies.

2. Click on the "Create Policy". The 'Create Auto-Link Policy' window opens.


3. Enter a valid Auto-Link policy name.

4. Select a Source Object and the relevant opportunity template from the drop-down.



5. Select the Applicable Destination Object and the Destination Object template for the Source Object selected.



 The table below shows the possible combination of source Objects and destination Objects.

Source Object

Applicable Destination Object


Solution, Sales Plan, Marketing Plan, Account, Partner Program, Activity


Partner Program

Sales Plan

Partner Program


Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan

Partner Program


Sales Plan


6. Now that you have selected the source object, destination objects, and the templates, you can now go ahead and set the conditions to match the field in the source object with a corresponding field in the destination object. You should make sure to select at least one matching field for the source and the destination objects.

The format to set the matching field is "sectionId.altId".

NOTE: The field_id is derived from the template you selected in Step:5 and Step:6. For example, If the admin wants to auto-link an opportunity to Solutions, Sales Plans, and Partner Programs, 3 policies should be created, one for each object even if the fields are common across the board.


NOTE: The "+ ADD Condition" enables you to add more conditions.

7. If the Allow Linking to multiple Objects toggle is toggled "ON", a source object can be linked to multiple destination objects. If it is toggled "OFF", the auto-link will happen only if there is one matching result.


8. Click the "Save" button to save and create the Auto-Link policy.

9. You have now successfully created your Auto-Link policy.



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