Creating a Partner Program Report


The Partner Program report type is able to report across multiple Partner Programs in WorkSpan. You can create the report with all (or some) of your Partner Programs and track their progress in one place. You will also be able to see and track partner performance metrics (Actual vs Goal) across all Programs and be able to see who's ahead or behind.

Creating the Report:
1. Navigate to Home > Reports and click +Report.
2. Select Create Partner Program Report and the "Create Partner Program Report" window opens.

3. Enter the report name and optionally enter a description.

4. Click Next. You can now select how you want to build your report.

5. How would you like to build the report?

You can select between two options:

  • I'll select a list of partner programs: With this option, simply begin typing to select the programs you'd like to include in the report. If you click Advanced Search, you can filter available partner programs for your report to find the correct ones and then select multiple programs at once. To select programs in Advanced Search, click the checkboxes to the left of each program, then click Save.
  • The dynamic query option allows you to seamlessly aggregate a set of partner programs by applying filters on all dynamically sourced fields in your programs (including custom fields and fields in the templates) instead of manually adding each individual partner program. Dynamic query-based report building also provides additional flexibility and ease since the filters that you select will cause the data set in the report to remain up to date as partner programs are created, updated, or archived.

6. If you select I'll specify a dynamic query, the Configure Your Report screen is shown. You can select one or more filters for your report and click Save to save your filtering criteria. You can update your filtering criteria at any time. Click Next.


7. If you select I'll select a list of partner programs, choose one or more sales plans or programs for which you want to run this report. Click Next.
Enter names or emails of people with whom you want to share this report. Share List section includes your name and access level of an owner by default. You can update the access level of other members to this report. 

10. Share with Companies will list your company by default. You can select other companies or employees from those companies who will get a limited view of the report and can request to join. This can help you to expand your report audience and attract new partners.

11. Click Save.

12. To add Charts for your reports, see: Adding Charts

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