Pre-configuring Table Views and Metrics


In WorkSpan table views on an object, such as an Opportunity table on a Sales Plan, you can pre-configured saved views with filters and column selections, even if there aren’t any rows in the table. This can be useful when you want to set up views to be used later. You can then use these table views, even though they may not yet contain data, to configure metrics, as well.

The table views and connected metrics will automatically update once there are records matching the filter values. For instance, you can configure table views and metrics for each region or each quarter and when there is a row matching that region/quarter, the related view and metric will be updated.


1) Add Default Templates (Optional)

Although standard WorkSpan and Company fields will automatically appear in your tables, if you also want to pre-configure with filters using the custom fields from your templates, you will need to specify which template(s) will be typically used in that table. For example, if you want to configure an Opportunity table view on a Sales Plan with custom fields from OppTemplate1, then you will need to add OppTemplate1 to your Sales Plan's Default Opportunity Templates, in the field indicated below:


Click here to learn more about editing templates.

2) Configure and Save Table Views

Pre-configuring a table view before data is added to it is easy! It works just like editing and saving a regular table view. You can add filters, add/remove/rearrange columns, and then Save the view.

For a complete walkthrough of editing and saving table views, click here.

3) Configure Metrics with Saved Views

Any table view can be used to create a calculated or formula metric. Even if the table view is currently empty because no results yet match its filters, you can still create a metric to track progress and results once the data starts flowing in. To learn more about editing metrics, click here.

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