Line Item Reports


Using this report type, you can track metrics and build trend charts for Line Item details on Opportunities. For example, you can report on Joint Pipeline and Revenue by Product or Product Line details that are available on line items.

In Co-sell programs, track which partners were most influential in driving the sales of your top products. In OEM programs, partners can view the breakdown of sales of their products included in the OEM deals. 

This feature is currently in limited release. Contact or your Customer Success Manager to enable this feature. 

To create a new report, navigate to Reports and click on "+ Reports". Select the option to Create Line Item report:


Configuring the Report

1. Enter the Name and Description of the report and select one of the following options to build your report: 

    • Select opportunities based on the sales plans they are linked to
    • Select opportunities based on the solutions linked to the opportunity


For each of the options, you can specify the list of Sales Plans or Solutions to include in the report using one of the three criteria. For example, if you selected Sales Plans, you can specify:

  • All sales plans, where you are an Owner or Collaborator
  • Select a list of of sales plans
  • Sales plans that meet a query criteria i.e. specify a dynamic query

2. Specify whether to include archived opportunities in the report


3. Select the opportunity template.  Opportunities created using this template will be included in the report.


4. Optionally, specify filters based on line item fields. Only line items matching these filter criteria will be included in the report.  


5. Select columns to include in the report. You can select columns from the opportunity or line items. 

You can also select opportunity attributes shared by your partner companies’  If you are building a report to share with a partner, you may include such attributes in the report.


6. Share the report with people or companies and specify their access level on this report. Only report Owners can update the report configuration, including the filters and columns selected in the previous steps.

NOTE: If sharing this report with a partner or partner company, you MUST ensure that you have specified line item filters such that only that partner’s line items are included in the report.


7. Once you create the report, it will be ready within a few minutes. You can then view the report, create new table views on the report and use these table views to create summary metrics and charts.  Selecting a line item in the table view opens a summary panel with more details about the opportunity for that line item. 

This report shows your company’s private fields on the opportunity only to users within your company. These private columns are not displayed if the report is accessed by a partner. 

8. Once your report is created, you can configure metrics and charts for this report in the Charts section.





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