Create, Edit and Share Leads


Create and Edit Leads

Lead object is configured with standard fields that the partner can use to gather more intelligence on the lead, and inform the partner's decision to accept or decline the lead. 

These fields include:

  • Customer Name, Customer Address and Customer Contact fields 
    • Address field is also enabled with auto-fill functionality to aid in quick data entry. 
  • Consent must also be provided on the Lead, to ensure that the company sharing the Lead details has taken the permissions from the contact to share their information with their partner companies. 
    • You cannot save a new lead until the Consent has been checked.

Leads can be linked to Sales Plans, Partner Programs, Opportunities or Activities.

  • Use the Activity linking for Leads that are sourced from a Marketing activity. With this linking, you can measure the ROI on the marketing activity - count of leads and pipeline/revenue from the converted opportunities.

Contact fields on Lead:


Address fields on Lead:


Provide Consent to save the Lead:



Share Leads

Use the Share action to invite partners or partner companies into the Lead, or configure Access Policies to automatically add members of the linked Sales Plan or Partner Program to the Lead.

Learn more about Access Policies.


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