Overview of Leads


Leverage your channel and reseller partners to expand your sales and accelerate your revenues.

Share leads generated from your marketing activities and outreach for your partners to accept and qualify, and convert to opportunity (deal registration).  Track the final outcome of this lead, as the stage progresses on the converted opportunity to a close status i.e. if the deal that resulted from this lead was Won or Lost and track the associated pipeline/revenue. 

Your CRM system is set up to manage leads that are either for your direct sales team or routed to partners. Configure quick integrations to Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics or any other CRM system:

  • Receive leads from CRM to share with partners on WorkSpan
  • When the leads are converted to opportunities, write the deals back in your CRM for the partner-driven pipeline to be included in your forecasts. As the opportunity progresses, sync the closing status across your CRM, your partner’s CRM and WorkSpan to report consistently across all the companies.

Leads include standard fields to capture Customer Address and Customer Contact, that are used by partners to evaluate the potential of the lead and confirm acceptance. Share leads with partners in their respective Sales Plans, and track progress with shared KPIs across leads and opportunities in the Sales Plan, such as Total Leads, Accepted Leads, Converted Leads, Pipeline, Revenue.  Learn more about Managing Leads.

Pre-configured workflows include actions for the partner to accept/decline the lead, automatic expiration and convert the lead to opportunity. You can configure time limits for the partner to (a) accept or decline the lead and (b) for opportunity conversion post acceptance. Your partners need to act fast else the lead can be reassigned to another partner. The expiration time-frame for opportunity conversion ensures that the partner also reports progress on the lead and your lead is not stuck in a black hole with no further updates. Learn more about Lead Workflow.

Engage with your partners during the lead lifecycle with powerful collaboration capabilities across WorkSpan:

  • Comments - have a conversation thread on the lead to provide requisite information to the partner
  • Tasks - assign specific tasks to partners to progress the lead, or for partners to assign actions back to your teams
  • Notification and Activity Logs - alerts are sent in the product as leads are received or updated

Users can also configure their email preferences to receive these alerts. Additionally, integrations can be configured to receive alerts in your company’s collaboration system such as Slack or Microsoft Teams. Stay on top of the latest activity on these leads and respond quickly to drive up the conversion rates.

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