Lead Workflow


A default workflow is included for the Lead object that includes actions for partners to Accept/Decline, trigger automatic Expiration if the partner does not respond on time, and the action to convert the Lead to Opportunity. 

Your partners need to act fast else the lead can be reassigned to another partner. The expiration time-frame for opportunity conversion ensures that the partner also reports progress on the lead and your lead is not stuck in a black hole with no further updates.

The opportunity converted from this lead follows its own workflow and stage as configured for the template associated with the opportunity. ending in the close stages - Won, Lost, Discontinued.

Lead Workflow


This workflow includes the following stages:

  • Pending  
    • This is the initial stage when a Lead is submitted
  • Accepted
    • Partner can click on the Accept button or move to this stage. 
    • Acceptance Date is recorded on the Lead for audit purposes.
  • Declined 
    • Partner can click on the Decline button  or move to this stage. 
    • Partner must also enter a reason for Declining the lead.
    • Decline Date is recorded on the Lead for audit purposes.
    • Lead is also automatically archived 
  • Expired
    • Expiration Date field on the lead can be defaulted at the time of creation, based on the program policy for when all leads should expire e.g. within 7 days of creation. This configuration is specified on the Lead Template or if the Lead is received from a CRM, the API can set the expiration date. If the partner does not accept the lead within this time, the stage is automatically set to Expired.
    • Expiration counter is reset once the lead is accepted. This expiration is typically set to a longer duration e.g. 30 days post acceptance. The partner must convert the lead to opportunity within this expiration period or set the stage to Closed-Not Converted. If either of these actions is not taken, the stage is automatically set to Expired.
  • Closed - Converted
    • This action can only be taken after a lead is Accepted.
    • Moving to this stage requires an opportunity to be linked to this lead. Either link an existing opportunity or create a new opportunity from this lead. Learn more about Lead to Opportunity Conversion.
  • Closed - Not Converted
    • This action can only be taken after a lead is Accepted.
    • If the partner decides to not pursue the lead after additional qualification, the lead can be moved to Closed - Not Converted.

NOTE: Action buttons for Accept Lead/ Decline Lead/ Convert to Opportunity, and Move Stage actions are only available to the users from the partner company.  These stage change actions are NOT visible for users from the company that sourced the lead.


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