Lead to Opportunity Conversion


After a lead is accepted, partners can convert the lead to an opportunity. Track the deal progress, collaborate on the sales cycles with the partner and share additional deal information on the resulting opportunity.

When you click on Convert to Opportunity action on the Lead or move the lead to Closed - Converted stage, you can either link to an existing opportunity or create a new opportunity for that lead.

  • Link existing opportunity - User can select any opportunity where they are a member at any level (Owner, Collaborator, Viewer or Participant).
  • Create new opportunity - Select the relevant opportunity template to start the opportunity creation process. You can configure some fields and information from the lead to be carried over automatically into the new opportunity.
  • Create or link additional opportunities - A lead can generate multiple opportunities for different business groups within that customer. On a converted lead, you still have an action to Convert to Additional Opportunity or you can link more existing opportunities from the Opportunities tab on the Lead.

When using the WorkSpan Default template for opportunity, following information is defaulted from the lead to the opportunity:

  • Customer Name from Lead Details is copied into Account Name on Opportunity Details
  • Sourced By and Partner from Lead Details is copied to the same fields on Opportunity Details
  • Following fields from each member company's section on the lead is also copied into the company section on the opportunity: Industry, Region, CRM Account
  • All links for the lead are defaulted to the opportunity - Sales Plans, Solutions, Partner Programs, Activities, Account
  • All members from the lead are also defaulted to the opportunity.
    • Note - the default copies over members that are directly added to the lead, not via access policies.

You can over-write these defaults during the Opportunity creation flows.

NOTE: If you have configured a custom lead or opportunity template, contact your WorkSpan Professional Services team to ensure that the custom templates are also configured to copy the requisite fields, links and members from the lead to the opportunity. 

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