Staging Visibility


An inbound integration can be configured on WorkSpan to receive data from external systems such as CRM. This data is then stored in staging views that users from the company can access and search across. This allows the users to find the right opportunity for their partner or region, and associate it to the right partner plan or program, or link their own CRM opportunity to a partner nominated opportunity.

When configuring the integration, you can also configure security policies to restrict the visibility for records received by the integration, so users can only see a restricted data-set. 

  • Example - restrict access to CRM opportunities based on the partner or region values.

The staging access policy is uploaded as a spreadsheet in the Integration configuration. 

  • Spreadsheet columns can vary by the company.  
  • Email column is mandatory and must list the user(s) that should have access to the records that match the criteria specified on that row
  • Other column headers must match the columns received from the integration e.g. if CRM opportunity API or a Report upload had a Region column, then the column name should be Report here as well. This will ensure that the access is controlled by the Region field.
  • If there are multiple rows for the same email, then all CRM records will be visible where the criteria on at least one row is met.

Eample below is a spreadsheet that provides users access based on Partner and Region fields for opportunities from CRM.  




Company A




Company B


Company C


For the example above:

  1. will get access to all CRM opportunities, because there are no filters for this user.
  2. will get access to CRM opportunities where Partner = Company A or Company B and region = NA, or for Company C in all regions (as there is no region filter on the row for this company).
  3. will get access to all partner opportunities where region = NA.
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