Metrics Access and Privacy


Metrics can be added to multiple objects in WorkSpan, to track your KPIs with goals, and actuals are automatically updated based on the data within that object. Examples of Metrics on a Sales Plan are: Total Opportunities, Pipeline or Revenue.  

Each company can configure their metrics on a shared object, and can also set these metrics to be private only for their company or shared with other companies.

Creating and Editing Metrics

Metrics can only be created and edited by users with Owner or Collaborator access (learn more about Access Levels) on the object. 

These users can only edit metrics created by their own company, they cannot edit a metric created by another company.

Viewing Metrics

Metrics visibility can be set to:

  • Private or Shared. Shared metrics are visible to partners and Private metrics are only visible to your company. Use Private metrics to track internal KPIs and goals e.g. Revenue for a specific Product Line or Pipeline for a CRM stage that is private to your company.  
  • Share by Access Level. The default setting is that Metrics are visible to users with Owner, Collaborator or Viewer access.  Metrics visibility can be expanded to users at a Participant access level. This allows you to share aggregated KPIs with your partners, even if they do not have access to the underlying records that contribute to the KPI.

Metrics on Private Fields and Private Sections

A calculated metric can be computed from company private or shared fields in the object. 

  • Only the company creating the metric can select their private fields during the metric configuration.  
  • This applies to fields in private sections on objects also. Example - Line Items on Opportunities are private sections. Each company can configure their own Line Items data model, and all the fields and records in Line Items are private. When configuring a metric that references Line Items, you can only select fields from your data model. 

You can share merics based on a private field with other companies, via the metric visibility settings.  

  • Example - you can share with your partner an aggregate of metrics based on your line items such as Revenue for Product Line X, but the partner cannot access the individual line item records as that’s private to your company.
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