Field Privacy


Field Privacy 

Restrict access to your company’s confidential information by setting fields to be Private on your company’s data-model in the Company Templates. 

Use these Private fields to record notes or other information that is only intended for your organization, and for confidential fields received from your company systems such as CRM e.g. set the Amount, Sales Stage fields to be private on the Opportunity.

This allows you and your partners to integrate and keep company confidential data attached to the same record, without having to maintain another data source or spreadsheets for your company's private data. Easily access your internal data and any partner supplied data on a single object record, improving productivity and accelerating business decisions.

  • Only users from your company can see these Private fields and field values across WorkSpan. 
  • Company private fields appear with a lock on the UI.
  • Tables, searches and reports do not display these fields to users of other companies.
  • A toggle is also available on all object pages to Show/Hide Private Fields.  Use this setting to hide Private fields while running cadence calls with partners.


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