November 2020 Updates


New Features

Bulk Update Views and Metrics:

Rather than having to edit individually your table views and metrics, WorkSpan now allows you to update or remove multiple views and metrics at once. Bulk updating allows you to:

  • Update multiple sales plans, marketing plans, or programs at the same time
  • Distribute new shared or private views to many objects at once
  • Easily change KPIs across all your plans and programs


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Release Notes 

ID Summary
3523 Comments and Messages in the WorkCenter are now sorted by Most Recent instead of by WS-ID.
3560 The WS Default template for objects will no longer be shown if a company gets added to a Partner Program and has a custom template for any 1-O that the company has access to, or if a user from the company gets added to a custom template. If the user does have access to any custom template -- because it is shared with a partner program where he/she is a member, shared with their company, or shared directly -- then the WS default template will be hidden in the Create flows for that object. The WS Default template will only be shown in the list of templates when there is no other template for that object.
3580 An issue was fixed that caused auto-create policies to fail for some Opportunities.
3626 Larger file size limits have been instituted for API-based data loads. Customers will no longer be impacted by an infrastructure limitation of 10 MB per file loaded through API-based integration. Customers now can load files of sizes similar to manual file-based upload through the API-based bulk load mechanism. If the file size exceeds the normal file upload limits (~110MB), the file should be split up and sent through the API.
3668 An issue that caused the "+ Marketing Plan" button in the global navigation bar not to load for some users was repaired.
3749 An update was made to Line Items Reports to ensure that Line Items that are replaced with newer data by CRM integration will still appear in the Report, even before the Report is refreshed with the new version of the Line Items.
3754 An error was fixed that prevented some Campaign Owners from editing the funding amount after withdrawing a funding request.
3801 An issue preventing some integration owners from downloading the current integration policy file was repaired.
3808 A validation was added when bulk updating Team Members to ensure that not all Owners are removed from an Object. Attempts to remove all Owners or the last Owner will be prevented, since objects are required to have at least one Owner.
3809 An issue that caused some Campaign endorsements to appear as missing from the Marketing Program view has been resolved.
3810 A fix was made for an error that caused some date fields such as "Last Updated On" to appear blank on CRM-linked records.
3816 The “Integration” section in Activity Logs will no longer be shown if there are no integration records in the Activity Log of the object.
3825 Improvements were made to optimize search on the homepage.
3826 An issue was fixed for cloning Tasks in bulk, where the newly cloned tasks were being named "Copy of" instead of "Copy of Name of Task".
3827 Some broken object links in WorkCenter Notifications were fixed.
3832 An issue was repaired that prevented some users from selecting the correct template when adding new Opportunities from the CRM Staging Table.
3836 An issue that caused some users to see an error message upon first logging into WorkSpan was resolved.
3851 Performance improvements were made that decrease the loading times for object side panels.
3855 A check was added to ensure that users choose the correct integration based on the object's template when linking an object to the staging table.
3863 Tooltips displaying the object type (e.g. "Sales Plan" or "Activity") were added to object type icons in breadcrumbs and title bars, in order to improve visual navigation and user familiarity with WorkSpan icons.
3890 An issue that occasionally prevented some search categories from loading in the global search menu was resolved.
3902 An error was fixed that caused a field value entry of "0" (zero) to be interpretted as a null value "--" instead of as a numeric value.
3903 An issue was fixed where object icons sometimes were not shown in the object breadcrumb for certain object types.
3912 A error was fixed which had been creating invalid sections for Opportunities templates and preventing saving edits to the template.
3923 Collaborators are now allowed to link Opportunities to their CRM. (Previously, only Owners had this permission.)
3934 Some incorrect object type labels displayed in WorkCenter notifications were corrected.

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