September 2020 Updates


New Features

New Workflow Controls: Program owners can now configure workflows for their joint sales, joint solutions, and joint marketing business process with finer controls and greater flexibility. With the new controls, you can:

  • Restrict who can perform a specific stage move. For example, Partners can be restricted from changing the stage of an opportunity once it has been submitted for review.
  • Manage exceptions in the flow. For example, stage rollbacks are only allowed for an Administrator.
  • Set fields to be required for entering a stage. For example, Amount must be set before progressing the opportunity to the next stage.

Together, these new capabilities increase program owners’ control over their workflows and increase their ability to tailor, refine, and adapt them to new insights or evolving business requirements, and apply them across their partner ecosystem. 

Plus, the additional clarity and structure built into each workflow removes uncertainty from program participants, so they can focus on executing program activities rather than getting bogged down in roles and processes.

Create stronger, more powerful workflows and simplify your program’s processes for your partners and stakeholders so everyone can collaborate better and win together. Learn more.

Find Campaigns Without Fund Requests: We've added a new filter to the Campaigns landing page so that Campaign owners can more easily find any Campaigns that don't yet have funding. To use the new feature, navigate to the Campaigns landing page and select "Without Fund Requests" from the "Status" filter menu on the left:



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