Editing Linked Object Tables


Note: This feature is currently in beta and is only available for select accounts. Please contact your Customer Success Manager or support@workspan.com to inquire about testing the beta version of this feature.

Table Edits can be used to quickly update your data for multiple objects in a table without opening the Summary Panel or the Overview page of each object.

Table editing is available for linked object tables in WorkSpan. For example, if your company has this feature enabled, you will find it available on the Opportunities tab on your Sales Plans, or on the Solutions tab of your Partner Program.

How to Edit Tables:

1. Navigate to a linked object table and click the "Edit Table" button:


This button retrieves the data necessary to allow you to edit the table, such as the dropdown menus for your template fields, your access level to each row, and any workflow rules.

You will now see a pencil icon when hovering over a cell in the table that you have access to edit: 


2. Double-click any cell in the table where you see a pencil icon when hovering your mouse over it. The row where you've double-clicked is now in edit mode, and you are actively editing the cell selected.

3. Table edits can be made to one row at a time. To move to the next cell in the row to be edited, you can press Tab on your keyboard to move forward one cell, or double-click on another cell in the same row that shows a pencil icon.

4. When you are done editing the open row, click the Save button (or press Enter on your keyboard) to commit the changes to the object in that row. You can click Cancel if you want to discard your changes. [screenshot]


You are now ready to edit another row or navigate to another page.


Fields Types Supported:

The following field types support table edits:

  • plain text fields
  • alphanumeric string fields
  • workflow stage fields
  • single-select dropdown menu fields
  • date fields (not yet available in beta)
  • currency fields (not yet available in beta)

The following field types are not currently supported for table editing:

  • Rich Text (RTF) fields
  • Fields with dependencies or validations (AKA mapped fields)
  • WorkSpan User fields (e.g. Partner Manager)
  • WorkSpan Company fields (e.g. Sourced By)
  • Multi-value (multi-select) fields


Why don't I see the Edit Table button?

Here are some possible reasons table editing might be unavailable:

  • You are looking at a Report table or a Landing Page table (such as the Sales Plans landing page). Table Editing is only available for linked object tables, such as Opportunity tables on Sales Plans.
  • You are trying to edit a table that contains data from multiple templates. Table editing will only be available in tables where the objects present were created from the same template and therefore share the same workflow.
  • Your company may not have this feature enabled. Please contact your Customer Success Manager or support@workspan.com to inquire about turning on this feature.

Why don't I see a pencil icon on some cells?

You will only see pencil icons and be able to double-click to edit cells that you have access to edit. You will not see a pencil icon if one of the following is true:

  • Your membership level on the object in that row does not give you permission to edit it; e.g. you are a Participant or Viewer.
  • The field itself is read-only for all members; e.g. a calculated field or a mapped field whose value is automatically derived from another field.
  • The field contains system-generated, read-only information, such as the WS-ID, "Last Updated On" or "Days in Current Stage"
  • The field type is not supported by the table edits feature (see Field Types Supported, above).

How do I open the Summary side panel while editing a table?

The Summary Panel of a row can be opened during an table editing session (meaning you have clicked "Edit Table"). However, you cannot open the Summary Panel while actively making edits to a row. First you must Save or Cancel your table edits in the current row. Then you can click on the Expand icon on the left-hand side of the row to open the summary. 


How do I exit "Edit Table" mode?

You don't need to exit the table editing mode when you are done editing the table. As long as you are saving your changes row by row, then nothing else needs to be done. You can leave the page any time. Just be sure to save any changes before navigating away from the table.

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