Merging Duplicate Opportunities & Other Objects



Objects such as Accounts, Opportunities and Activities are some of the premier objects maintained in WorkSpan. These objects play an important role in ecosystem processes. With increasing digitization, external applications are battling data duplication problems resulting in poor hygiene. The Merge Object capability in WorkSpan provides an intuitive solution for maintaining excellent data hygiene.

Using this capability you can merge two similar or identical objects in WorkSpan that use a common template. For example, you can pick 2 similar Opportunities created using the "Enterprise Opportunity Template" and merge them into one record to remove clutter and to improve data quality.

Merging can be performed on the following object types: Accounts, Opportunities, Activities, Sales Plans, Marketing Plans, Leads, Solutions and Partner Programs.

Specific to Opportunities, you can now merge two Pre-Pipeline Opportunities, a Pre-Pipeline Opportunity with a CRM Opportunity or even 2 CRM Opportunities maintained in WorkSpan with a partner. 


Performing a Merge

  1. To merge two objects (Opportunity used as an example), you can begin the merge flow in one of two ways:
    • Navigate to the Opportunity Landing Page, click on 'More Actions' and click on Merge Opportunities.
    • Navigate to the overview page of one of the opportunities you want to merge, click on the Settings gear icon, and click on 'Merge this Opportunity".
  2. Search for the opportunity or opportunities you wish to merge.
  3. Pick the opportunity or opportunities from the search results.
  4. Click on Start Merge to begin the process.
  5. On the next screen you can view and choose all the attributes that are part of the object.
    • Pick the Primary Object. The WS ID, Stage and Opportunity Name of the Primary Object will be retained in WorkSpan post-merge.
    • Pick the attributes from either of the opportunities to be retained.
    • Click Next.
  6. On this screen, you will view other elements of the object such as Assets and Tasks.
    • Pick from the available choices to either 'Keep from Primary' or 'Aggregate'.
    • In the case of Key Dates, Metrics, and Comments you can only choose 'Keep from Primary'.
    • In the case of Integrations, you can only pick one of the two integrations to retain and cannot aggregate.
  7. Click on Complete Merge.
  8. You should receive a confirmation that your merge was completed successfully.
  9. Navigate to the Primary Opportunity to view the merge details on the activity log. 




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