Mid July'21 Release Notes

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1  Show Totals in the summary table of charts in custom reports.
2  Fixed bug related to creating custom reports. 
3  Custom reports support calculated fields. 
4  Custom reports support including Created On, Created By, Last Updated On, Last Updated By fields. 
5  Custom reports allow moving the Name and Id fields to anywhere in the list of fields. 
6  Custom reports get the capability to build charts using linked object Name or ID as one of the dimensions. 
7  Added more details to what gets updated on existing objects and what affects only new objects when updating a workflow. 
8  Users can now associate an object to another object while accepting an invite. 
9  Enhanced the "Share an object with user" experience. 
10  Ability to hide or unhide some company data model attributes in specific workflow stages from partner company users. 
11  Fixed issue related to old team member section showing up along with new team member section. 
12  Business process template owners can now configure whether participants can edit their own company section or not. Default value  is set to retain current behavior where participant users cannot edit anything including their own company section. 
13  Perform simple template actions like - Add a field ,archive a field, change field properties, add a section , archive a section, Order   of Sections, Order of Subsections within a section, Order of fields within a subsection/section for Create form -- from UX now. 
14  Revamped zero states for several pages to give user's better user experience. Pages affected - Homepage, Object Landing page,  Object Overview page, Company pages. 
15  Fixed bug related to saving tables within object. 
16  Fixed issue related to table grid edit not working in certain cases related to pagination. 
17  Fixed issues related to deleted opportunities showing up. 
18  Ability to specify a new CTA to Learn More about the partner program from the quick access card on home page. 
19  Ability to hide the sales plan link in the menu if it is not needed. 
20  Fixed issue related to read-only field not showing in the editing panel. 
21  Added capability to automatically match records in staging table based on the WS ID (Short Id) and WS Object ID (Long Id). 
22  Fixed issues related to discrepancy in staging records. 
23  Disabled consent verification call to Microsoft for integrating with Microsoft Partner Center seamlessly. 
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