July 2021 Release Notes

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1 In custom reports, user can set filters based on relative date from the current date using 'offset' capability e.g. get all the opportunities having closed date in last 30 days. 
2 Object association policies (to be able to auto-create and auto- link objects) can now be defined for Microsoft Partner Center integration too. 
3 Search capability is available on the team-members' "sharing panel" so that users can search easily from the list of users 
4 Perform simple template actions like - Add a field, archive a field, change field properties, add a section, archive a section from UX now. 
5 Revamped zero states for several pages to give user's better user experience. Pages affected - Homepage, Object Landing page, Object Overview page, Company pages 
6 Added capability to add calculations like add or subtract a number to a date field to calculate a new date (e.g. Target Close Date - 30 days as an Internal Approval Target Date). Also, can calculate percentages of a currency field. 
7 Fixed issue related to users unable to search objects (such as opportunities or sales plans) based on WS ID while linking an object to another. 
8 Fixed issue related to filters not working properly for boolean fields in custom reports and APIs. 
9 Fixed issue related to archived objects showing up in the search results. 
10 Fixed issue related to the unrelated objects showing up in the global search. 
11 Fixed issues related to sequencing of the fields in Microsoft Partner Center section. 
12 Fixed issues related to auto-suggest not showing all the valid values in filters in custom reports. 
13 Users can now view opportunity splits (amounts) in the custom reports too. 
14 Now users can include reference fields in the custom reports as columns and also build filters on them. 
15 Administrators managing integrations can set a default value on a WorkSpan field while configuring mappings between an external source and target object in WorkSpan. 
16 Users can now control visibility of sections based on another set of field values. 
17 Fixed issues related to editing and linking/unlinking an object from additional information section
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