August 2021 Release Notes

S.No Release Notes 
1  Added a new configuration option to see all sections as separate cards on the object  overview page and see the similar sections from different partner companies together. 
2  User can now invite all users from a known company and share the selected object with them instead of having to invite them one by one.
3  Enhanced zero state experience for users on table views.
4  Added support for "Float" data type for fields on the object.
5  Added capability to add calculations like add or subtract a number to a date field to calculate new date (e.g. Target Close Date - 30 days as an Internal Approval Target Date). Also calculate percentages of a currency field. 
6  User can now control visibility of sections based on another set of field values. 
7  Fixed bugs related to custom report export not sending emails in some cases. 
8  Fixed bugs related to search on opportunity list page. 
9  Fixed issue related to user profile picture not displaying correctly in the new sharing panel in some cases. 
10  Fixed issue related to Amount field showing undefined prefix to the amount, instead of the currency symbol at some places. 
11  Control visibility of sections based on another set of field values. 
12  Added support for updating any date field in an object, to show today's date on it. 
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