September 2021 - Release Notes

S. No. Release Notes 
1 Users can trigger the start of another object on submission (or any other state) of the current one as part of business process actions.
2 Save users from accidentally clicking a button and moving stage by adding "soft confirm" on selected actions as part of business process actions 
3 As part of business process actions, users can remove the "move stage" button if needed. 
4 Users can get field values(s) reviewed.
5 Users can emphasize specific business process action buttons by giving them a different color.
6 The welcome banner on the homepage occupies a lot of space on the homepage & doesn't add any value. We have removed it, so it won't be visible on the homepage anymore.
7 We can add validations on the data types we configure within an object. Example: StartDate cannot be greater than today. 
8 Added ability to highlight certain "Date fields" within an object and see them under Key Date section, along with a timer to expiry.
9 Fixed bugs related to filtering in custom reports.
10 Fixed bugs related to searching on the opportunity list page.
11 Fixed issues related to filtering data in table views using the Select All button.
12 Fixed bugs related to some funding claims not being picked by the scheduler. 
13 Added edit option under import configurations so that we can update the usernames and add/remove users who can do a bulk upload of configs.
14 While cloning an object, users have the option to clone links and the option to associate the object with the same objects. 
15 Added configuration setting to add/remove "Opportunity" object from our platform for a particular user/company as per need. 
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