Configure Business Process Action


What is it?

You can now setup your business process actions (BPA) in WorkSpan. We have expanded on the universe of workflows and made it ever so more powerful.

Such a workflow would consists of triggers and actions. Where the triggers can be events that happen in a partnering business process like new partner joining the program, updates to a shared attribute are done by a partner, updates to an opportunity attribute is done in CRM and same update has reached WS shared opportunity too. And actions can be targeted notifications to specific individuals, new tasks created and assigned to specific individuals within the company etc.
Long story short; we can say -- 

If(Condition) → Show (Action Button(s)) to (List of users/Owners/Collaborator etc) → Do (Action Items) [These actions can be triggered manually as well as automatically based on another events]


Sample example for BPA : Displaying a simple reimbursement process 


Components in BPA

Conditions to display BPA

User’s can add conditions on which we should display the BPA (if manual) or perform BPA (if automated). Condition list --

  1. A field value(s) is X
    1. Field can be text, number, percentage or date fields etc
    2. Field can be stage
    3. Basic Operator support will be there
  2. User is X
    1. My member company
    2. Any member company
    1. My member company
    2. Any member company
    1. Owner/Collab/Participant/Viewer
    2. Company admin
    3. Current User in {person field}
  3. Key Date is expiring
  4. We can have multiple fields joined with “AND/OR”

Action Items when user clicks on BPA or when it is automated

User’s can define action items/triggers that should happen on BPA click --

  1. Move stage = “X” stage
    1. If move stage is an action item then all workflow validation/features will be executed.
  2. Update Field value 
    1. Set field value = Constant
    2. Set field value = another field’s value
    3. Set field value = Today’s date
    4. Set field value = Current user
  3. Review values in a field
  4. Start creation of a new object

Extra Configurations

You will have following options to customize your business process actions: 

  1. Color of button
  2. Text on the button
  3. Hint tooltip to be displayed on hover for that button
  4. Optionally, add soft confirm for any button click to prevent erratic clicks and specify the text to be displayed as part of this soft confirm process
  5. Relative position of the buttons to control which button comes first and which comes later
  6. Configure the success message that is displayed once the action is performed

The BPA's will be visible in

  1. Overview page
  2. Summary page
  3. Workcentre notifications


How to configure?

To setup your business process actions buttons, please reach out to your WorkSpan support contact and they will assist you with the same. 




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