Configure Notification Email Templates


What is it?

You can now setup your own email notification templates in WorkSpan to send most relevant content and actions in the email notifications that are sent out to your user's from WorkSpan. Everything about the email template is highly configurable right from the list of email recipients to the content to include in the email body. You can configure when should these email notifications be triggered and if they should have action button/links within the email body too so that users can perform these actions right from within their mailbox.


Dynamic Email Template

As administrators, you can configure the entire email notification according to your business needs. The components that can be controlled are:

  1. Email Recipients - can be static or can come from a field in the object or can be all the owners, collaborators. etc in the object

  2. Email Sender - By default, we will send out emails via "" but this can be configured too

  3. Email Subject - can be combination of static text and values from a field in the object

  4. Email Body - can be combination of static text and values from a field in the object. In addition, you can customise the emails further by: 
    1. including your company's logo
    2. adding headers and footer to email body
    3. adding basic HTML/CSS to highlight some data in the email body
  5. Action buttons/Links - You can add link/buttons to various actions that user can take in Workspan. User can click on these from within the email itself and take relevant action.

Manage Notification

As users, you can control which notification you want to receive. All the emails are spread across three categories -

  1. Call for Action Emails – these are emails which are sent out when there in an action that you needs to take (E.g., approve a claim)

  2. Notification Emails – these are emails which are sent out to inform you of some activity on the object(s) you are part of (E.g., John Dave updated the reimbursement amount from 500$ to 900$)

  3. Reminder Emails – these are emails which are sent out to remind you of an approaching deadline or date (E.g., Your claim is about to expire in 3 days)

How to Configure?

To setup your dynamic email templates, please reach out to your WorkSpan support contact and they will assist you with the same. 

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