WorkSpan December '21 Release Notes - v149.0.0



New Features and Enhancements


Save the unsaved. Added a warning message to prevent you from losing your unsaved changes if you try to close the create object panel in the middle of the object creation flow.


One to many. Now you can add multiple child-objects such as 'Line Items' inline while creating the opportunity itself.


Faster access to the homepage. Improved design of the 'Quick Access' cards and 'Recent' updates card on the homepage to speed up the home page load.


Exclude irrelevant members. Added new capability to be able to withdraw members on an object as part of a business process action.


Exclusive content available for you. Added a dedicated space on the login page for marketing content to increase adoption.


Don't miss out on golden opportunities. Added new options to build dynamic date based filters. You can now configure a report with all the opportunities not updated in the last 7 days that can be accessed by any new members of the object.


Auto match Opportunities. Made the Standard CRM ID field editable to allow you to specify it directly if they know which CRM Opportunity should be linked to an Opportunity in WorkSpan.


Sending emails was never so fun. New dynamic email template with call to action buttons/links to take actions right from your inbox. Not just that, you can also configure email notifications in your profile page as you wish to receive. Check it out now!


Report API enhancements. Added a new API to get a list of all exportable custom reports in WorkSpan.


Customize fields on your dashboard. Added a new capability to be able to define the display order of fields in the dashboard panel on the overview page.

Bug Fixes


Fixed issue related to WorkSpan's default template showing up when you should be creating opportunities using a partner provided template.


Fixed issue related to Partner Plan data not showing up in some of the reports.


Fixed issue related to splits and weighted amounts not populating in custom reports.


Fixed issue related to 'Last Updated On' not populating correctly in the CRM staging table.


Fixed an issue related to the visibility of the 'Submit a claim' button.


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