Multi-language Support in WorkSpan


Table of Contents
- Overview
- Language Preferences
    - Company default language
    - User preferred language
- Product areas and languages covered for translation
     - Standard application strings
     - Configurable items
     - Supported languages
- Enabling multi-language support


With the expansion of partnerships to various regions, countries and locales, internationalization and localization has been the need of the hour. Now WorkSpan’s recent internationalization and localization capabilities can let you select your preferred language and derive maximum value from WorkSpan's partner ecosystem capabilities.

Language Preferences

WorkSpan offers language preference at two levels:

1. Company default language

Setting a company default language allows you to set a default language for all the new users of your company that signs up on WorkSpan. 

Company’s default language can be set from the company profile page on WorkSpan & only 'Company Administrators' have the  access to set a default language for the company. Here are the steps to set a default language for the company and its employees:

Step 1: Once you Log in to WorkSpan, click on the profile picture and select ‘My Company Profile’. 


Step 2: Click on 'About' and then click ‘Edit Company’ to edit Language.


Note: Default company language for Company Administrators is ‘English’.

You will be redirected as follows:


Step 3: Click on the dropdown menu to select a language and click ‘Save’.


For instance, select ‘Espanol’ as the preferred language and click ‘Save’.

You will get a success toast message ‘Changes to WorkSpan™ saved.’

Now, the default language for your company will be displayed in Español.


2. User preferred language

User preferred language can be accessed from the user profile page on WorkSpan. It is useful if you have a multilingual organization or partners who speak languages other than your company’s default language.

Every WorkSpan user can choose their own preferred language from My Profile page which will supersede the company’s default language set for them.

Here are the steps to set a user preferred language for an employee:

Step 1: Once you Log in to WorkSpan, click on the profile picture and select ‘My Profile’. 


You will be redirected as follows:


Step 2: Choose your preferred language and click ‘Save’.


Your current page will be refreshed with the selected language.

Below is the ‘My Profile’ page after saving language changes in WorkSpan.



Product areas and languages covered for translation

1. Standard application strings

WorkSpan offers translations (predefined) for standard application strings which include - WorkSpan menu items, Object names, Standard toasts, Standard error messages, Standard buttons, Zero state messages.

2. Configurable items

WorkSpan does not provide default translations for configurable items i.e., Templates (Sections, Fields, Hints/tips), Workflow Stages, Business Process Action buttons, etc. However, we can translate it for you based on your business needs. Please reach out to our support team at for setting the custom translations.

3. Supported languages

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. Portuguese
  4. Simplified Chinese
  5. Traditional Chinese
  6. Japanese
  7. French
  8. Korean

Enabling multi-language support

To enable multi-language support, send an email to or visit One of our representatives will get in touch with you as soon as possible and assist in the same. 

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