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Finding the right business partner and working collaboratively to achieve your strategic goals is key for your company’s success and growth. But, how do you identify potential business partners? Well, our brand new company page gives you a clear picture of the partner company - other partners, partner programs being run by the company, contact details, how to get started with the company and well-documented reading materials. Having said that, two companies can always come together and form an alliance to do business and leverage the partnership to Co-Sell and win deals. 


  • Internal Users - Your employees can know about the company’s partners and plans; access a repertoire of documents and links to get relevant information.
  • Company Partners - A quick overview of the growing business network i.e., Industry connections with various programs and plans adds credibility to your company. Moreover, your partners have access to different documents and steps on how to get started.
  • Ecosystem - With this feature onboard, companies can search for any other company, send them a request to join their network of partners on WorkSpan and work together to achieve common goals and expand their ecosystem.

Components to configure


The ‘Company Administrator’ can configure the following elements on the company page or can reach out to our support team at to get it done:

  1. Company Logo
  2. Company Cover Photo
  3. Company Title and Description
  4. Company Contact Details
    • Website URL
    • LinkedIn Company Profile Link
  5. Programs and Plans
    • Filter - By default, you can see "All programs and plans" that are available for you. Further, you can filter this list to see only those items where you are already a member or where you have been invited to but you haven't accepted it; or the ones where you directly don't have access but your company does, so you can send a request to join, if needed.
    • Note:
      • You need to clear filters if you do not get matching or get zero results.
      • Empty state - The elements (company description, contact details, programs and plans, etc.) do not show any information on the partner company page as the company has not added any relevant information and shared any programs or plans with you.
  6. Steps about how to get started with the company - In this section, you can add steps for your internal users and partners; give support or add other contact emails here to help them understand how to collaborate with your company.
  7. Materials - In this section, you can provide material like documents, images and links to videos etc. to help your partners collaborate with your company more effectively. These could be the documents covering from the value partners can get to detailed process guides for collaborating.
    • Files - Supported document formats include - .DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF.
    • Links - video tutorials/explainer video links, website URLs, etc.
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