WorkSpan March '22 Release Notes - v152.0.0


New Features and Enhancements

  • Simplified menu. We have decluttered irrelevant options from the menu like Templates, Workflow, etc. to give you neatly tucked menu items.
  • Toggle different records. Switch between multiple objects seamlessly without closing the summary panel each time you open a record.
  • Check your progress. Create goals for your sales team and partners. You can add goals to metrics and see your progress at any point.
  • Reporting UX enhancement. Reports & charts are now responsive with clear table view options on the top.
  • Default access to objects. Setting up an object access policy will allow your users to automatically access objects based on their Partner Plan invitation.
  • More details on the company page. You can add your company logo, cover photo, website link and other interesting information to captivate the attention of your partners.
  • Automatic selection of Partner Plans. With fewer clicks, now associate partner plans with your business partners directly by claiming the lead under summary view and collaborate to efficiently grow and meet business needs.
  • Who is the Partner Manager? We have made Partner Managers’ and BDMs’ names visible to you in the Sales Plan table view so that you know who you are contacting.
  • Retain original formatting. The formatting remains intact even if you copy-paste notes email/one-note into a rich text notes field.
  • Partner Program updates. Program owners and collaborators can review activity logs and receive comments/notifications to further engage with ecosystem partners. 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue related to Activity based Report not getting exported properly.
  • Fixed issue to import number data type in single list.
  • Made similar font weights for all the Filter options globally.
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