WorkSpan Mid-March '22 Releases - v153.0.0


New Features and Enhancements

  • Enhanced UX for Metrics with brand-new ‘Goals’. We have extended the capabilities to set a ‘Goal’ and ‘Result’ in metrics cards while showing the progress of a goal/result in a percentage format. Now you can track your growth by analyzing your revenue, and other key performance metrics, and progress against your business goals.


  • Access Partners on the Homepage. You can see all the logos of companies on the homepage that you are working with and clicking on a logo takes you to the company page instantly. Moreover, you can click on ‘Find New’ to go to the ‘Ecosystem’ page which comprises companies you have not partnered with yet.


  • Swift and direct access to WorkSpan via Embed button. You can redirect your users directly to your company page as well as objects by just embedding the WorkSpan button in the partner portal. Users will get a better exposure to your company page and related information.


  • Configure Program Membership from Partner Plan. When you invite partners and colleagues to objects linked to a program, you can grant them specific access to the program automatically.


  • Reports for specific objects. We have added new objects (for instance, Opportunities, Activity, Assessment, Claim, etc.) so that you can select various objects at each level. With this, you can create ‘Customized Reports’ for any plans and associated partner programs; include specific objects and filter the report for specific programs.


  • Calculate / Derive field values based on logical formulas. You can now create nested if-else formulas within a field to get the desired value on the object.


  • Export renamed column names in the report. You can now export reports containing renamed column names and enable the ‘Column name prefix’ option to show proper object names too to help you distinguish between various objects. For example, you can see renamed column names with their corresponding object name in the report table view as shown in the image below:


  • Non-WorkSpan users can review the business process flow via BPAs. Our newly built BPA buttons will allow you to send emails to external users who are not a member of WorkSpan; review the business process flow and take actions to accept/decline a business process. Based on the action they take, we will update the stage in the object (accepted/declined by an external user).


  • Ability to clone required sections in objects. The cloning functionality will allow you to clone multiple copies of an object (different sections) and provide you with more options to take action on an object. 


  • Reference Data Management in WorkSpan. We have developed reference tables that will access data for value mapping, reference information updates, and List of Values (LOVs) from product masters in your internal systems to push data to staging tables in WorkSpan whenever values are updated. With this, you can build rich LOVs that provide multiple values - name, ID, etc. and integrate data bi-directionally with WorkSpan.
  • Pre-calculated fields will save you time. You can configure a set field action on BPA with formulas to restrict your continuous actions on the same objects. For example, this formula will put a halt to your repetitive actions while claiming an object beyond a set number of attempts.
  • Better performance. Based on your configuration preferences, we have now pre-calculated the set of fields that you desire to select while creating a Report, Table views, etc. to make it faster and easier.
  • WorkCenter UX changes. We have aligned different components (font-size and spacing between icon and text,  object icon, etc.) in the ‘Notifications’ workcenter to increase readability and draw the attention of users.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed error that appeared while adding a column and improved data exporting speed in reports.
  • Disappearing issues have been fixed for created metrics. Moreover, you can create new metrics too.
  • We have defined BPA accessibility based on users. You can now access and execute BPA without seeing ‘Service unavailable’ error message. 
  • Issue has been resolved related to creation of included objects in the ‘Company Data Model (CDM)’ page under the Company Profile.
  • Fixed issue related to approved campaigns not moving to the ‘Approved’ stage. Also, archived campaigns earlier appearing in the report have been removed.
  • 'Project Expiration' date can now be updated using the admin user login in the latest version. 
  • Fixed issue pertaining to addition of opportunities from ‘Add into CRM’ page.
  • Whenever the workflow stage is moved in WorkSpan, it now gets recorded in the ‘Activity Log’ (via integration as well) with relevant details such as - who has moved the stage and when it was moved.
  • BPA input form now comes along with a configurable title that can be changed as per your requirement. Further, we have increased the size of rich text type fields in the form.
  • We have arranged the objects in an alphabetical order so that you can find and select the desired object easily on the 'Report Scope' page.
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