WorkSpan April '22 Releases - v154.0.0


New Features and Enhancements

  • Auto-suggestions to enhance report filters. We have added configurations in ‘Reports’ to display auto-suggestions in filter fields. These auto-suggestions are based on the field names of an object and aim to simplify your process thereby making it faster and providing a more intuitive user experience.


  • Auto-associate eligible objects. Now you can add ‘Eligibility criteria’ based on operators - ‘Equals to’, ‘Not equals to’, ‘Greater than’ and ‘Less than’ on source and destination objects that need to be evaluated before associating an object with another. For example, link Sales Plan to Opportunity where Opportunity's eligible_for_link = ‘Yes’.


  • Additional filters in reports. We have included new operators to specify filter criteria depending on the type of data you want to filter in the report and display it in the table view as well. With this, you will get an upgraded version of Report User Interface (UI) that will give you a more consistent and simplified experience while creating a report.


  • Enabling uniform lead assignment process. Our algorithm will allow you to distribute your leads or referrals fairly and uniformly across your Co-sell Partners.


  • Ability to have goals in decimals. You can now add ‘Goal’ value as float type (A number having a decimal place) apart from integer type (A numerical value without a decimal point) while creating a new metric to represent a greater range of values and simplify your calculations.


  • Metrics / UI enhancement. Our enlarged pie chart size will allow you to display progress (1 to 4-digit) in percentage format uniformly and arrange all the metrics elements together into a single, unified whole.


  • Simplified search in reports. The column search option in reports will depend on the value given in the search field. For example, you have ‘Partners’ and ‘Partners ID’ fields in the report, the moment you type ‘Partner’, you should be able to find both these fields to select / unselect if required.


  • Get values reviewed before taking action. You can now configure and highlight certain optional / read-only / calculated fields to pull these data on a ‘review’ popup and get them reviewed by customers before they take an action via Business Process Action (BPA).


  • Importing from external data source. Why import data in only basic data types? Now you can import data of ‘person’ type such as emails from external integrations like Salesforce.
  • Ability to use the same field in a calculated field formula.  You can add numerical formulas in calculated fields to point to the same field multiple times. For instance, we can track the claim kickback count by applying the formula: ‘kick_back_count = kick_back_count + 1’ and restrict the number of actions taken on an object.

Bug Fixes

  • Previously, activity logs were not getting updated. However, we have fixed this and now you can view the logs as per the latest activity in the platform. Further, activity logs now capture your actions on stage change for any objects like Activity, Claim, Plan, etc. This will ultimately increase your visibility on the actions taken on an object. 
  • We have fixed duplicate entries showing in certain custom reports. Also, missing data in the reports have been resolved in this release.
  • You can now choose to link an opportunity with a sales plan or not as we have configured it as a non-mandatory field. Further, you can view the sales plans based on your access and associate these accordingly.
  • Resolved issue related to updation of data in the included objects for a parent object.
  • Password reset link looping issue has been resolved. You can now click on the forgot password to receive an email with password reset instructions and change your password accordingly.
  • Fixed issue pertaining to disappearing field names while creating a report. Moreover, you are able to select / unselect fields of similar name after renaming column name as well.
  • Depending on whosoever is creating the lead / loading it through integration can see BPAs and take relevant actions on it.
  • In the table view for reports, values were being displayed in an array format for e.g., [“AMER”]. This issue has been fixed.
  • Automated BPA configured with two actions - to send email and update field, was only sending emails. However, now fields are also getting automatically updated once BPA is triggered.
  • In AWS ACE UI, any additional quotes or characters like /, \ etc. appearing in the description field has been fixed.
  • It is now possible for account objects to auto-link with other objects like plan, opportunity, etc.
  • Earlier, when we assigned a BPA email to a specific recipient, it sent email to all members of the object instead of just the recipient mentioned. We have resolved this and now email will be sent to a specific recipient.
  • The ‘Tasks’ card on the Overview page was showing no. of tasks assigned to you in a collapsed state. However, when expanded it showed an incorrect message “You do not have any Tasks assigned." This issue has been resolved and you can now view all the tasks that are assigned to you.
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