WorkSpan May '22 Releases - v155.0.0


New Features and Enhancements

  • Scheduling email reports to your team and partners’ team. Our newly built feature lets you schedule emailing of reports with the members of your company as well as your partners to track business performance, analyze data and extract key insights to help you review and improve your program performance.


  • Email Reporting Summary. We have added a new feature for you to get a summary of your email activity and ensure there are no reporting activity failures and that all stakeholders are receiving reports via email, as scheduled. In case of failures, you can take necessary corrective actions like checking any error in the email address and if the emails have bounced back, due to any person no longer working in the organization.


  • Add “Description” in your Email and Word templates. Now you can simply add a description to your email and word templates respectively to give a brief overview of the template added to be used for sending emails / generating PDFs. This feature will help you to easily recognize templates and save time.


  • Do not show action buttons based on Workflow stage or value. Once the parent Object is Closed / Canceled, you cannot create / add configurations on the child object. For instance, in an Opportunity, when the Workflow stage is moved to “Closed for Activities“, “Link Allocation” button will be automatically disabled to restrict you from making amendments in the desired section. This functionality will offer you better control over actions taken on Closed / Canceled objects.


  • Configure specific action buttons for a partner program. On the homepage, we have made certain changes to show action buttons that can be configured from the overview page only for a Partner Program unlike the default set of actions appearing on it previously.


  • Ability to have “Private” comments. Restrict access to all your comments by marking it as “Private” and show only to the members of your company. The private comments can be easily identified with a "Lock" icon and a different background color. With this feature, you can keep your confidential information safe and secured, and share it with only a specific set of members.


  • Added "Save for later" on the BPA input fields form. Now don’t worry about leaving your unfilled BPA input fields in between. Instead, save your entered fields by hitting the brand-new “Save for later” button, then coming back anytime and starting an action again, completing all data entry, and finally pressing the “Submit” button when you are ready.
  • Ordering of company specific fields in the "Dashboard" panel. Added new capability to be able to define the display order of fields in the dashboard panel on the overview page. This feature can help you set the sequence of various fields to personalize the view in the dashboard panel.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issue related to included objects showing up when private mode was enabled.
  • Our table view comprised columns for Host Company and Partner Companies. However, on selecting multiple columns it couldn’t differentiate which column belonged to which company. This issue has been fixed and table view is now specifying the company name as headers for each column based on the company.
  • We have added a generic message for "Action Expired" which can be viewed when you accidentally click on an expired link.
  • Though the "Leads" tab showed some count, on clicking it none of the leads were shown as assigned under the plan. However, we have resolved this issue.
  • While trying to merge two objects, search produced no results in the merge window. The reason behind this is that you need to be an Owner in at-least one Opportunity and that it should be from the same template type and where you have "Owner" and "Collaborator" permissions.
  • Issue related to duplication of leads while loading records from the staging table has been resolved.
  • Earlier, you were unable to edit the activity type in the "Campaign" object. The bug has been fixed in this new release.
  • For the "Claim" object, you can now view recent comments under the "Comments" section on the Overview page.
  • No need to scroll through left to right to view the entire text as we have enabled multi-line texts in both create / edit wizard and BPA popups. With this enhancement, you can get an overall glance of the entire text at a time.
  • Addressed issues related to private columns being visible to the partners in some cases.
  • Duplicate records showing up in "Solutions" and "Opportunities" based reports have been fixed. Further, you will now see "same" values in the actual opportunity and on the report compared to different values showing up previously.
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