WorkSpan Jun '22 Releases - v156.0.0


New Features and Enhancements

  • Simplified and structured navigation on the Overview page. The brand-new page loads faster than ever and comes along with a compact design and structured navigation panel to avoid long scrolls on the page, providing better readability and contrast for field values & labels. We have also added the flexibility of defining the order of tabs for your company, to show the most relevant tabs to your users at the top. To activate the new layout, please contact WorkSpan via email at One of our representatives will get in touch with you and assist you to activate these changes. 


  • Share object workflow with your members and company partners. The recently developed dynamic Workflow configuration lets you share an opportunity in any workflow stage with no need to manually enter an email address and point it to the required field so that we can automatically fetch it from there. This feature has the additional advantage of sharing it at any point in time while configuring workflows so that you don’t miss out. Once it is shared, it will be reflected on the objects that have reached this stage from the point in time it is configured.


  • Improved numeric fields validation UX. Get better alerts for invalid inputs in the numeric fields. The numeric fields will get highlighted in red to show incorrect values and also provide a remedial hint text. This will help you easily fix the incorrect value(s) and edit it as per the suggestion provided.


  • Additional “date” fields for form validation.  You can now extend formulas to date fields for validating forms. The validation process will allow you to send error-free data and improve accuracy and clarity of the form. For instance, adding the configuration “max: [now + 5d]” will allow you to select the current date extended to the next 4 dates in the calendar i.e. 5 days in aggregate.


  • BPA customization for sending and receiving opportunities. You can configure BPAs to take actions based on incoming and outgoing opportunities. For instance, you can create a “Submit to Amazon” Call to Action (CTA) button for sending an opportunity from WorkSpan to Amazon with just a click of a button. 


  • Numerical values (metrics) in an abbreviated format. Our currency / numeric values greater than >= 5 digits i.e., numbers in thousands / millions / billions have been rounded up to 2 decimals. This enhancement will help you represent really long numbers in shorter forms for better readability. For example: $998,096.03 becomes $998.1K and $543,998,096.03 becomes $544M.


  • “Top Bar” showcases only Owners and Collaborators. The simple, clean and intuitive UI on the object page is laid out in order to view only critical members i.e., owners and collaborators of the object. Nevertheless, you can still view all the members in the membership panel.


  • Introducing the “Activities” object under the “Network” bucket. Activities are key for continuously engaging with a network. To ease your access to this object, we have moved it from under the ‘Co-Market’ bucket to the ‘Network’ bucket on the hamburger menu.


  • Enhanced capability to change orders for BPA input and display fields. The new BPA configuration allows you to swap fields and display as per your requirement. This feature gives you flexibility to arrange fields logically i.e., from most important (editable) to least important (non-editable) fields.
  • Bulk-upload users to invite them at one go. It is now easy to upload a list of users from your company directly to invite them to WorkSpan instead of adding them manually one at a time. Additionally, you can see your partner company users and the objects that are shared with them.
  • Auto-expansion of text editor. Earlier, text-area inputs (multi-line text inputs except rich text editors) were only limited to show two lines of text by default and the rest were hidden beyond that. With the auto-expanded feature of text editor, you can now view multi-line text inputs at once as the text editor will continue to expand itself based on the input text provided.
  • Displaying calculated fields in BPA. Calculated fields can now be configured in such a way to show it in a non-editable format on the BPA input dialog box to give you a clear idea of the auto-calculated value based on the formulas.
  • Custom email server domain for sending emails. Our powerful email API enables you to send bulk or routine emails such as notifications, mass marketing campaigns, password reset emails, etc. by setting up a custom email server domain of your company within WorkSpan. This robust email delivery functionality will enhance your delivery rate and boost user engagement.
  • Ability to add formulas in metrics. Yes, metrics too can be based on formulas and are known as “Calculated Metrics”. This enhanced capability will allow you to add certain formulas to automate the metrics calculation process in quick intervals and help you save your time.
  • Controlled visibility on “Move Stage” BPA button. BPAs enable you to customize your actions. For instance, in workflow, under every stage, we have added a feature / flag which says — “Allow only business process actions to move out of this stage (i.e., no move stage button will be offered to you)”. Considering, if no BPA is configured, then you will see the "Move stage" but if BPA is configured with excludeMovestage=”Yes”, then you will see BPA. In case it is not configured, you will see the “Move stage” button.

Bug Fixes

  • The export data did not show the same column order as per the table view in the report. This issue has now been fixed.
  • For the “Quick Access” card on the homepage, “View All” button was not working for respective tabs like “Sales Plan” if you did not have any objects to show. However, this has been resolved and clicking on the button will redirect you to the landing page of that category.
  • Metrics values such as 45,000 were throwing an error message “Result is too big to display”. This issue has been fixed and is now displayed on the table view prominently. 
  • The issue pertaining to showing deleted objects in the table view has been resolved.
  • Though opportunities were successfully uploaded using CRM integration, sending the same file via email resulted in no upload of ‘opportunity’ data. Also, in the CRM history, the file was not downloadable but showed a ‘Success’ message. This issue has been resolved.
  • Corrective actions have been taken for resolving the duplication error of incoming referrals in the SFDC app.
  • After updating any section on the overview page, it appeared twice, creating redundant data. This has been fixed.
  • Resolved issues related to verbose error messages appearing while encountering an internal application error and added a generic message “An error occurred” for better understanding.
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