WorkSpan Jul '22 Releases - v157.0.0


New Features and Enhancements

  • Metrics on the homepage. Now you can track your most important business metrics directly on the homepage under “Quick Access” card to see progress instantly. First metric pinned on the object’s overview page is shown on the homepage. 


  • Allowing multiple object mapping via a staging table. We have removed "mandatory" linkage of Object Type (categories) to integration to allow multiple object type mappings to be created on the same staging table. With this enhancement, you can now use the same mapping to bring data in from your CRM to WorkSpan across multiple object types.


  • Included objects are now available in the table view. The latest upgrade has enhanced the look of included objects (such as Product Line Items in an Opportunity) with table views and metrics to make it consistent for all the included objects of a parent object.


  • Added validation to avoid erroneous calculated field values. With the implementation of validation to metric formula on the frontend, you can forbid submitting invalid formulas like - (A + B, (A + B (, + A +. This will provide error-free configuration of the calculated field and avoid unintended results.


  • Export your object as a PDF file. Now you can export an object populated with respective values to a PDF document and save it as a part of the object data. 


  • Promote branding on WorkSpan. Your company logo now appears on the homepage and the hamburger menu. Navigate to the company profile page to add a logo. 


  • Invite users via email or upload a CSV file. You can send invitations to users by simply uploading a CSV file containing a list of users or adding email addresses to a program and expand your user base. 


  • Enabling Reset button. You can now have a central reset button to reset values in all dependent fields. For instance, clicking on the reset button will reset the List of Values (LOVs) in all dependent fields such as Region, Theater, Country in the Create/Edit wizard.


  • Improved calculated metrics performance. Calculated metrics on the Overview page, Table Views and Reports are now embedded with simplified coding that can be executed faster than ever, thereby enhancing its performance and efficiency.
  • Import multiple files through integration. The integration method is now configured with field values that allow you to import different kinds of files (.zip / .csv files) stored in the cloud drive with no further effort to upload documents into the system. On performing the sync, the object data on WorkSpan will be automatically updated with the latest values on these files.
  • Extended metric formulas to report charts. Now you can add formulas to charts similar to metrics while creating a report. The addition of formulas in a report can pave a great way to auto-calculate values based on your selection and save time. 


  • Membership Management. We have added a new capability to give access to users on objects directly based on their user attributes. You can get your company-specific attributes configured in WS and give access to your company members as well as partners based on the values of these attributes like access based on the Geo Region.
  • Ability to send notification emails in bulk. This capability allows you to trigger mass email notifications sent to a group of users and / or multiple recipients separately.
  • New data model Fields Update. We have incorporated the latest AWS ACE data model changes (such as changes in AWS ACE list of countries, industries etc.) in WS's Co-Sell with AWS solution to assure congruence between each data source and its various endpoints. 


Bug Fixes

  • For “Partner Plan UI” and “Create” wizard company-specific fields, the language was not being translated to “Chinese Simplified” which has been resolved.
  • Object “Create” wizard was not appearing for Translation Configuration. This has been fixed.
  • Now, object sharing options can be restricted only to “Owner” where previously this feature was available for all the members of the object.
  • Earlier, leads could be cloned even after archiving it. However, we have eradicated this bug in the latest release.
  • The table view for the claim process on a program level was generating errors. After fixing the issue, the table view is being loaded without any error.
  • In the lead’s integration, in the staging table, we have defined fields as required. However, the file without having any value on the required fields is getting picked up through the autocreate process. 
  • While performing integration, the file without having any value on the required fields was accumulated into the staging table through the auto create process. Nevertheless, after making a few amendments, the integration process is now enabled to pick data only for required fields into the staging table.
  • Resolved issue related to different partner records being populated from auto-link policy on the company-specific fields. Now, the auto link policy is being updated based on the current company and template.
  • Though you were able to create a report, an error message “No Access to templates” used to appear in the middle of the process. This error has been rectified.
  • Fixed bug that occurred during the addition of workflow stage in filter conditions for the table view and metrics.
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