Equitable Lead Distribution


Equitably Distribute Leads and Referrals

WorkSpan is now enabled with a uniform and fair trade algorithm to allow you to randomly link a lead / referral to a partner if multiple destination objects are eligible and matched. 

WorkSpan as an Equitable Lead Distributor 

  • Removes the manual process of assigning leads to partners
  • Provides additional validation of partner certification to receive leads or referrals
  • Enables fair and equitable distribution of leads or referrals to partners

Getting Started

Step 1: Go to Policies > Object Association Policies > Edit Auto Link Policies

Add the ‘Eligibility criteria’ based on operators - ‘Equals to’, ‘Not equals to’, ‘Greater than’ and ‘Less than’ on source and destination objects that need to be evaluated before associating an object with another. For example, link Sales Plan to Opportunity where Opportunity's eligible_for_link = ‘Yes’.


Step 2: Go to Policies > Object Association Policies > Set Linking Policy

Set the linking policy to “Link to an eligible and matched destination object picked by a uniform and fair distribution object is eligible and matched” option and click “Save”.


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